What is Meat and how it reaches to Consumer?

Meat is obtained via conversion of the live animal to a nutritious food product by passing through various processes. These processes are performed in slaughterhouses, meat processing and packing areas and preserving in cold storages and shipping to distributi...

Where to Build Slaughterhouses?

Location of slaughterhouse is quite important for regular distribution of the fresh meat. These slaughterhouses in general built on rural areas which are not very far to city centers. It should be around 50Km to city centers so the need for fresh meat can be d...

What are the Storage Conditions for Meat Products?

The most important factor in cold storage is that maintaining the unbroken cold chain. Since the meat is a perishable product, temperature and relative humidity must be kept optimum through each zone from slaughtering to shipping.Recommended Storage Conditions...

How Many Types of Meat in Cold Rooms are there?

Meat Cold Stores are designed as chilled or frozen cold chambers for different types of meats such as carcasses, boneless and cuts.Meat Cold Storage; Carcass cold stores can be classified as short-term storage, long-term cold storage and distribution cold stor...

Why Primary Chilling is Important for Meat Industry?

Meat is a very suitable food material for the growth of microorganisms due to its chemical composition, which is rich in proteins, lipids and water. Furthermore, since the meat contains lipid that makes the meat very sensitive to oxidation.Also, the growth of ...

How to Shock Meat Products?

Meats are usually frozen for later processing or for long-term storage or for export.  Since the storage period is considerably longer than the cold (chilled) storage period; It is blast-frozen (shocked) to minimize physical, biochemical and microbiologic...

Why Meats are Converting into Cuts before Blast Frozen?

Carcass is separated into cuts before shock. For large animals carcasses are usually divided into 4-Quarters and fats are completely removed from some parts since it reduces heat transfer rate. There are many advantages of shocking the meat after shredding the...

How to Plan Meat Cold Storage Facility?

Meat cold storages are planned to include three type cold rooms which are chilled storage, frozen storage and blast freezing rooms. In order to build a cold storage facility; it is necessary to fulfill general infrastructure requirements successfully. These ar...

How to Design a Cold Storage Warehouse?

The main target in designing cold storage warehouses is to avoid unused space. For this reason, it should be ensured that the space is used in the most efficient way while placing the common areas, offices as well as cold rooms.When designing corridors, a plan...

How to Manage Cold Storage Warehouses?

Management of a cold storage warehouse includes consideration of storage requirements of products, loading and shipment plans, hygiene rules, regular operation of cooling devices and periodic maintenance of the devices.Manage the Temperature Correctly:  O...

How to Ensure Hygiene and Disinfection?

Meat cold storage warehouses should be strictly kept under hygienic condition. Because meat cold rooms are the areas in which microorganisms tend to grow and constitute a serious risk.Following operations are required to ensure hygiene.•   In the col...

How to Protect Health of People Working in Cold Storages?

Working in cold storages, especially at temperatures below zero, makes it necessary for staffs to have high physical and mental standards. Low temperatures will quickly cause the body to lose heat. It affects the fingers and toes first. Numbed fingers cause re...
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